WI 2015 Motto is „Smart Enterprise Engineering – digital products and processes for the enterprise of the future“.

Track overview

Track 1:    Information Systems in Industry
                  (Peter Loos, Karl Kurbel)
Track 2:    Services and Hybrid Value Creation
                  (Jan Marco Leimeister, Kathrin Möslein)
Track 3:    Architectural Thinking
                  (Witold Abramowicz, Robert Winter)
Track 4:    Business Process Management and Modeling
                  (Jörg Becker, Jan Mendling)
Track 5:    Information and Knowledge Management
                  (Ulrike Baumöl, Franz Lehner)
Track 6:    Social Media and Collective Intelligence
                  (Susanne Robra-Bissantz, Detlef Schoder)
Track 7:    Sustainability, Energy and Mobility
                  (Michael Breitner, Christof Weinhardt)
Track 8:    Data Privacy and Security
                  (Günter Müller, Günther Pernul)
Track 9:    Innovation and Business Models
                  (Tilo Böhmann, Peter Buxmann)
Track 10:  IS Usage and Evaluation
                  (Helmut Krcmar, Tim Weitzel)
Track 11:  Research Methods and Philosophy of Science
                  (Ulrich Frank, Björn Niehaves)
Track 12:  Visionary and interdisciplinary Topics
                  (Karlheinz Kautz, Markus Nüttgens)

Doctoral Consortium
                  (Axel Winkelmann)
Student Consortium
                  (Jan vom Brocke, Bernd Schenk)

Track/Conference Meetings
                  (Oliver Thomas, Frank Teuteberg)


The best contribution (Best Paper Award) as well as the best reviewer performance (Best Reviewer Award) will be honored. All nominees will be announced in the conference proceedings and on the conference website. Additionally, the winners will be honored during the conference dinner and on the conference website.
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