Klaus Hellmann

Geschäftserfolg durch strategischen IT Einsatz
Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 17:00 - 17:45, Europasaal

Klaus Hellmann

Klaus Hellmann is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs and mastermind of the logistics industry. Together with his cousin Jost Hellmann he runs the family-owned company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in fourth generation. In 1970, Klaus Hellmann successfully completed an apprenticeship as logistics merchant at Helmut Delhey Logistics, Cologne, and graduated in business administration in the field of logistics from the German Foreign Trade & Logistics Academy, Bremen, in 1972. Afterwards Klaus Hellmann joined the parental company at a young age and became managing partner in 1976. Being an innovator of the industry, Klaus Hellmann was one of the first to introduce game-changing IT Systems in order to digitize the entire workflow. Thus, he paved the way for a global expansion of the company with now 443 offices in 157 countries worldwide. Today, working at the head office in Osnabrueck, Germany, is almost paperless and ahead of its time. The innovative office concept at the so-called “Speicher III” won the 2008 Best Office Award. Klaus Hellmann further introduced a corporate DNA to his company, which supports social and ecological sustainability. Beyond his business activities, the visionary entrepreneur strongly engages himself to social and cultural projects. He has committed himself to helping disadvantaged children and young people for more than 25 years. Klaus Hellmann received the Order of Merit of the State of Lower Saxony for his longtime commitment in 2005.
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