Best Reviewer Award

The best reviewer performance at the WI 2015 will be awarded with a best reviewer award. In this year we had three award winners. All nominees will be announced in the conference proceedings and on the conference website. Additionally, the winners will be honored during the conference dinner and on the conference website. The best reviewer award is endowed with a prize money in the amount of € 900,-.

Nominations (ordered ascending by last name)

Werner Esswein
Peter Fettke (Award Winner 1/3)
Patrick Helmholz
Michael Heß (Award Winner 2/3)
Robert Jäschke
Wolfgang Johannsen
Emanuele Laurenzi
Fabrizio Maria Maggi
Marco Meier
Sven Overhage (Award Winner 3/3)
Oliver Posegga
Anne Scherer
Alexander Simons
Stefan Smolnik
Till Winkler
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