Osnabrück University

Osnabrück University, founded in 1974, is a young, vibrant university in northwest Germany that is renowned for its research and teaching in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Law and Business Administration/Economics. Harmoniously integrated into the city center, the University provides ideal conditions for learning and conducting research for more than 11,000 students and PhD students as well as 850 professors, assistant professors and research assistants.

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The core elements of teaching and research at Osnabrück University are its interdisciplinarity, the training and promotion of young scientists as well as the salient international exchange program. The combination of the different scientific fields, interdisciplinary institutes and graduate programs fostering the development of approaches across the disciplines emphasize the thinking outside the box.

Next to the attractive courses of study comprising the degrees bachelor and master, Osnabrück University offers its own post graduate programs and interdisciplinary research groups. The university’s PhD Career Center (ZePrOs), founded in 2009 as an umbrella organization, unites the PhD candidates across all faculties and thus networks the whole research-oriented doctoral education. Striving for excellence, the university offers a range of qualification measures and individual promotion to enhance scientific work and acquisition of competencies relevant for the labor market.


As cross-border communication is indispensable for science, for many students studying abroad is a customary part of their individual training program. The modularization of the course contents, the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as well as partnerships with some 100 universities around the world, facilitate these stays abroad. Furthermore, the different faculties maintain direct contacts with a variety of scientific institutions inside and outside of Europe. Apart from joint research projects, in particular the academic and student exchange programs are important components of these collaborations. About 6% of the university’s students come from foreign countries.

Since as recently as the work of Prof. Dr. Peter Stahlknecht, the field of information systems has a special standing at Osnabrück University. Today, not less than four professorships cooperate at the institute for Information Management and Information Systems (IIMIS). Furthermore, the Institute is intensively supported by an honorary professor focusing on International and Intercultural Management. Research at the IIMIS focuses on the development of integrated concepts in the area of Information Management and their continuous transfer into practice. Therefore, the institute follows interdisciplinary, integrated, applied and practical research and teaching on the basis of foundations, methods and applications. The IIMIS accounts for the nationwide unparalleled intensified program of study in Information Systems (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) which allows students to reach their Master's degree in four years and 15 months only.

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With some 1,600 employees and a finance volume of approximately 112 Millions of Euros, the Osnabrück University is an important economic factor in the region. Numerous co-operations with commercial enterprises and institutions enable the students to gain practical experiences at an early stage.

For further information please see: www.uni-osnabrueck.de or www.wirtschaftsinformatik.uni-osnabrueck.de

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