Welcome to Osnabrück

The Varus Battle and the Peace of Westphalia, two major events of world-historical importance, took place in the region that will host the German-speaking Wirtschaftsinformatik community in March 2015. But that’s by far not all Osnabrück and its surrounding area has to offer. The Teutoburger Wald, the Felix Nussbaum Haus and the historic city center, that offers a wide selection of pubs and bars, offer welcome variety with high recreational value.

There are 506,000 people living in the city and its rural district, and time and again studies furnish evidence that these are the happiest people throughout the federal territory. Who would be surprised? Already the painter Felix Nussbaum and the writer Erich Maria Remarque felt quite comfortable in the city of peace. And still today, Osnabrück is the place for many creative artists. In spring 2014, “Waves” of Osnabrück DJ Robin Schulz leads the top of the charts, Heinz Rudolf Kunze teaches at Osnabrück University of applied sciences and Ansgar Brinkmann, the “white Brazilian”, lives in the metropolis of Lower Saxony.


Those who live and work in Osnabrück cannot but rejoice. The Teutoburger Wald in the south of the rural district offers a quite appealing mountain scenery for leisure activities; whereas the followers of the flat country can find their favorite spot in the plain North. And also the city of Osnabrück has much to offer, for instance, the fine selection of bars, cafés and restaurants that characterize the pleasing cityscape. And while the mainly Protestant residents of Lower Saxony go to work on All Saints’s Day and the Feast of Corpus Christi, the population of North Rhine-Westphalia rejoices the two feasts as public holidays. On these days, the Westphalia truly invade the city for extended shopping sprees using either the car or the WestfalenBahn.

market place

As well as with respect to local employers, Osnabrück is playing right in the front as there are many renowned enterprises with international reputation: Fuchs Gewürze, Coppenrath & Wiese or the fine chocolate manufacturer Leysieffer are well known to gourmets; aquarists around the world and even the famous clownfish Nemo swear by products from Tetra GmbH; every second picture in the world is printed on photographic paper of the Felix Schoeller Group; Madonna and Metallica use the light- and lasershow skills of the Lightline Lasertechnik GmbH; and since 2012, the Porsche Boxter is produced at VW Osnabrück, a production site that already produced the legendary Karmann Ghia in the 50s through 70s. Osnabrück, its county and also the Emsland and the adjacent Oldenburger Münsterland are attractive locations for innovative enterprises with long traditions and best career opportunities for younger people.


And you may benefit from all this at comparatively low cost of living! The increasing number of students, who turn Osnabrück with its palace garden into a vivid university city, can to some extent be traced back to that. And also the ideal training opportunities offered by the university and university of applied sciences - welcome and pleasant distractions included - attract school leavers of the entire federal territory.

Not least do soccer fans cheer for the traditional VfL Osnabrück; visitors are warmly welcomed in the four nearby spa towns Bad Iburg, Bad Essen, Bad Rothenfelde and Bad Laer; and you can read the NOZ, the most cited regional newspaper.

To put it in a nutshell, Osnabrück truly is a “feel-good-package”.

But watch out, not so fast! Our city is deemed to be the capital of speed cameras!
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