Minister-President of Lower Saxony - Stephan Weil

Niedersächsischer Ministerpräsident und Schirmherr Stephan Weil

Message of welcome by Stephan Weil, Minister-President of Lower Saxony, on the occasion of the 12th International Conference on Business Information Systems at the University of Osnabrück

Business information systems: this term denotes an interdisciplinary science which has already become a fixture of university research and teaching. This field, which is still relatively new, integrates business studies with knowledge of modern information technologies. Academic findings are translated into specific economic momentum – business information systems are of vital importance for the performance capability of any competitive enterprise. And its great innovative potential makes this discipline of particular relevance to the future.

I am delighted that the University of Osnabrück is hosting the leading conference for business information systems in Germany, making Lower Saxony the focal point of this science for these three days.
That is why I am honoured to be patron of this event.

I would like to wish the organizers the best of success and hope that the Conference goes well for all those attending.

Hannover, April 2014

gezeichnet: Stephan Weil, Niedersächsischer Ministerpräsident
Stephan Weil, Minister-President of Lower Saxony
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